Sunday, 14 April 2013


the wandering boutique - the intro.

i am stupidly excited to announce the arrival of  'the wandering boutique'. to give you all an idea, 'the wandering boutique' is a new style designer/maker trading event that will be taking london & the south by storm in 2013. we will be occupying quirky venues to give new creative businesses space to trade, network & blossom.

as a designer/maker myself, and founder of waste not want not gift brand toomuchtoot, it's always been a dream of mine to develop my very own trading event. and now the day has come!

after much hard work and persuasion, O2 Think Big were kind enough to supply me with funding to get the first event off the ground. i'm shocked that it's happened and excited beyond belief. i can't wait to get a venue secured & traders booked in.

now the hard work starts!

venue hunting, trader attracting and marketing the first ever wander is underway. so please watch this space!

and tell your friends.

and follow us on twitter @wanderingboutiq