Monday, 15 July 2013

Ladybird Likes comes on board!

Ladybird Likes was started by, Zoe Jade, in February 2012 when she wanted a new creative outlet. Always a hoarder and avid car boot sale hunter, she began making jewellery and stationery out of some of the old books she'd picked up whilst on her travels. It was addictive, and soon she had made so many things and didn't know what to do with them all. After much prompting by friends and family she opened up my wee Etsy shop to sell the items I'd made, and I've never looked back!

Join Ladybird Likes this Sunday! 

Esoteric - bringing a bit of street chic to the Wander!

toomuchtoot and Wandering Boutique favourite Esoteric is back & packing a punch this Sunday!

Esoteric London is an edgy urban accessories and clothing lifestyle brand created by London College of Fashion graduate Chloe Hope King. With around a decade of experience in the fashion and retailing industries she wanted to create something fresh. 
“I take great inspiration from my peers and the amazing eccentricities, energy and life they possess; from nature and what it can provide; and from looking back to a time when craftspeople were revered and took great pride in working with their own two hands.”
At the heart of the brand is a great deal of passion, personality and desire to create something desirable and new. 

find out more here -

Stitch & Story Bring Knitting To East Street

The wonderful Jen's from Stitch & Story will be joining us on Sunday and are offering up bargain knitting lessons right on our lovely chesterfield sofa! 

Come down all day for knitting lessons, tips & kits right at your finger tips..'s a bit more about the girls
An online knitting brand selling 100% merino wool yarns, Stitch & Story’s all-you-need DIY knitting kits with online tutorials and illustrations prove knitting is fun, modern, and easy to learn. With its quirks and personal touch, a hand-knitted item carries the imprint of its creator, making it a truly special gift.

Hello! We are Jen and Jen – two friends who share not only the same name but also a passion for knitting and all things woolly. Early this year, we launched Stitch & Story, a knitting business dedicated to inspiring people to pick up a pair of needles and knit. We supply natural yarns and knitting accessories, and organise knitting workshops in an effort to showcase knitting in a fun, fresh, and easy-to-learn way. We absolutely love what we do because whenever we are knitting there is a great sense of achievement in having made an item yourself, quirks and all! 

With knitting often being dubbed as a granny hobby and done in solitary, we make extra effort to break away from these stereotypes by inviting both guys and girls to have a go at our knitting kits. Packed with yarn, needles, instructions and detailed illustrations on how to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off, our kits are perfect for the wannabe knitter! We have different levels to suit each knitter's confidence so that one day you'll learn garter stitch, and the next, stocking. Gradually progressing, you can learn at your own pace, until you're adventurous to try cabling or knitting in the round!

For us, knitting is a way of embedding emotions and memories in our creations, slowing down in our constantly busy lifestyle, and appreciating the traditional values of a simple life. Come and learn to knit at our pop-up store on Sunday 21st July at 55 East Street Market and join our knitting circle! We'll be teaching all the knitting basics over cakes, tea, and among other great designer-makers! 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Katie Betty J....

The incredible Katie Betty J will be joining us on Sunday 21st July. Very excited!

'A recent printed textiles graduate, with a love of craft, sewing, the handmade & vintage. I was born in the Isle of Man, & lived there until I went to university, so I grew up being inspired by the beautiful coastal landscapes of the Island.
My handcrafted accessory designs draw upon by my love of materials, techniques I have learned through my studies & traditional skills I grew up with. My pieces tend to reference the past, yet have a modern, contemporary & often geometric look, & it is this contrast that gives them their unique aesthetic.'

toomuchtoot comes on the wander

The Wandering Boutique came about by taking toomuctoot on the road. Many a month sat in a dark, dank church hall some place selling my wares to unappreciative people finally took it's toll. Now we want to reinvent the pop up! 

toomuchtoot is a waste not want not approach to jewellery & accessory design. Taking things that you may see lying around your homes & revamping them into something fresh & exciting to wear. Grabbing Nan's button box and creating my first line of jewellery was one of the best things I could have done. 
Now branching into soft accessories, but keeping true to the jewellery roots, toomuchtoot is ready to take on the challenge of The Wandering Boutique! 

Gemma Goldstone

The Wandering Boutique is bringing the fun back into fashion with the help of the amazingly talented Gemma Goldstone. 

Gemma Goldstone is an emerging womenswear and accessories designer from Essex creating fashion for the bold and the beautiful. Her brand demonstrates a contemporary take on fashion fusing unconventional fabrics with strong, clean silhouettes. The designs are edgy, vibrant and confident setting the brand aside from others and isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd! The Goldstone girl is daring and bold, she dresses for herself and has her own style. She is totally immersed in her world of fashion and is constantly looking for new ways to re-invent her self.
Gemma Goldstone debuted with her SS13 collection, Pic ‘n’ Mix. This 90s inspired collection puts the fun back into fashion. Staying true to the Gemma Goldstone signature, the collection is made up of un-conventional fabrics such as metallic PVC, blue long haired fur, PVC trim fishnet all contrasted with metal chokers, silver chains and chunky zips. The clean cut lines keep the collection un-complicated and focus in on the fabrics. The collection is an eclectic, mix match of styles to suit all moods and is all about having fun with fashion again and taking you back to the days of putting together outfits out of the dressing up box!

Tada Notebooks

The Wandering Boutique is very please to announce that the fabulous Tada Notebooks will be joining us on Sunday 21st July. 
TADA is a new brand of handcrafted letterpress notebooks created by a couple of dreamers that still believe in the joy of little things in life.

TADA are notebooks with a personality. They are not anonymous notebooks made by unknown people in unknown places, from unspecified materials & techniques. They are notebooks made by people for people, to take care of the most precious things in life – ideas, projects, travels &, why not, notes.
Each notebook is designed and carefully crafted by Elisa & Fabio at their studio Apple&Pear, in London.  They selected only recycled paper, the covers are letterpress printed with vegetable-based inks and all the pages are stitched by hand with linen thread. Each one is one of a kind piece, with its own individuality.