Monday, 15 July 2013

Stitch & Story Bring Knitting To East Street

The wonderful Jen's from Stitch & Story will be joining us on Sunday and are offering up bargain knitting lessons right on our lovely chesterfield sofa! 

Come down all day for knitting lessons, tips & kits right at your finger tips..'s a bit more about the girls
An online knitting brand selling 100% merino wool yarns, Stitch & Story’s all-you-need DIY knitting kits with online tutorials and illustrations prove knitting is fun, modern, and easy to learn. With its quirks and personal touch, a hand-knitted item carries the imprint of its creator, making it a truly special gift.

Hello! We are Jen and Jen – two friends who share not only the same name but also a passion for knitting and all things woolly. Early this year, we launched Stitch & Story, a knitting business dedicated to inspiring people to pick up a pair of needles and knit. We supply natural yarns and knitting accessories, and organise knitting workshops in an effort to showcase knitting in a fun, fresh, and easy-to-learn way. We absolutely love what we do because whenever we are knitting there is a great sense of achievement in having made an item yourself, quirks and all! 

With knitting often being dubbed as a granny hobby and done in solitary, we make extra effort to break away from these stereotypes by inviting both guys and girls to have a go at our knitting kits. Packed with yarn, needles, instructions and detailed illustrations on how to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off, our kits are perfect for the wannabe knitter! We have different levels to suit each knitter's confidence so that one day you'll learn garter stitch, and the next, stocking. Gradually progressing, you can learn at your own pace, until you're adventurous to try cabling or knitting in the round!

For us, knitting is a way of embedding emotions and memories in our creations, slowing down in our constantly busy lifestyle, and appreciating the traditional values of a simple life. Come and learn to knit at our pop-up store on Sunday 21st July at 55 East Street Market and join our knitting circle! We'll be teaching all the knitting basics over cakes, tea, and among other great designer-makers! 

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