Sunday, 14 July 2013

Tada Notebooks

The Wandering Boutique is very please to announce that the fabulous Tada Notebooks will be joining us on Sunday 21st July. 
TADA is a new brand of handcrafted letterpress notebooks created by a couple of dreamers that still believe in the joy of little things in life.

TADA are notebooks with a personality. They are not anonymous notebooks made by unknown people in unknown places, from unspecified materials & techniques. They are notebooks made by people for people, to take care of the most precious things in life – ideas, projects, travels &, why not, notes.
Each notebook is designed and carefully crafted by Elisa & Fabio at their studio Apple&Pear, in London.  They selected only recycled paper, the covers are letterpress printed with vegetable-based inks and all the pages are stitched by hand with linen thread. Each one is one of a kind piece, with its own individuality. 

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